Dogs are Blessings-Count Each One

The month of November is always a great time to reflect on the year and take a minute to think about how far your dog has come. Think about it from your dog’s perspective – what do you think your dog is thankful for? What are you thankful for?

If there are behaviors that frustrate you, what can you do to make changes? Have you thought about signing up for a group class or private lessons? Now is the time to plan for the holidays. If you don’t have the time or inclination to train your dog, consider a board and train option where we can train the dog for you. You can come back from the holidays to a newly trained dog. Rather than continuing to live with the frustrating behavior, take action now to do something about it so you can begin to enjoy your dog and be proud of him or her. Ignoring the behavior will not make it go away or get better. You have to take action in order to make a change.

Dogs are like blessings and it is nice to count each one and think about the joy they bring you, your family and others. Each of my dogs has a unique personality and adds something to my pack. I am thankful for each of my canine companions (in addition to my 2 cats).

Sandy and Ranger are excellent therapy dogs and give me the opportunity to volunteer and interact with seniors and children. Sandy helps me when I conduct Therapy Dog Tests and Ranger is a complete love bug. I love visiting nursing homes, hospitals and schools and allowing my dogs to interact with residents, patients and children. Both of these volunteer activities bring me great joy and happiness.

Sheba entertains people with her dancing and quick tricks. She is also the pack hunter ridding my house and yard of any mice, vols and other rodents.

Ginger has great ball drive, a love of swimming and a work ethic that could put some people to shame. She puts 110% effort into every activity she takes part in whether it is agility, obedience, swimming or fetch. She helped me be more active, enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the time playing with my dogs.

Last but not least, Shelby is laid back with a solid temperament and a love of people. She is a stable dog and an excellent role model for shy, aggressive and rowdy young dogs. She is the perfect demo dog and was accepted by my other dogs quickly and effortlessly. Not to exclude my cats, everyone that comes to my house loves Jinx (aka “Fang”). He is friendly and wants to be petted 24/7. Dodie keeps my bed warm at night, likes to sleep on my chest and I enjoy watching both of them play and cuddle each other. They both get along with all 5 of my dogs and overall I have a very peaceful and contented household.

Take a minute to think about the dogs (and cats) you own or the dogs you work with and reflect on what you enjoy about them. (P.S. If you cannot think of anything you enjoy about your dog, then it may be time to invest in some training so you can truly enjoy your dog).