Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I start my dog in Obedience Training?
It is ideal to start a dog’s obedience training before problem behaviors set in. 5-6 months is a good time to start training (right after finishing a puppy class).  If you adopt a shelter dog, we recommend starting classes or lessons right away to create a successful foundation for your dog.

What do we learn in the AKC Star Puppy Class?
The Puppy Preschool program is designed to expose young puppies to a variety of positive experiences. There is opportunity to socialize with people, obstacles and other dogs. The pups learn basic manners: housebreaking, stopping their play biting, walking on leash nicely, waiting at open doors, plus laying down and remaining calm. Owners learn about canine body language and how dog’s learn. These skills help dog owners better understand and communicate with their dogs so they can develop lifetime good habits with their canine companion.

Do you offer Behavior Modification?
Yes, we offer behavior modification for issues such as dog to dog aggression, human aggression, possessiveness issues, separation anxiety, fear issues and other phobias. Many of these issues can be dramatically improved and even resolved through training and proper instruction. This will take time and we will create a customized training plan for you and your dog.

What does it cost to train my dog?
The cost of training depends on the program you choose.  We offer group classes, In-Home Training and Board and Train Services.  Our programs INCLUDE access to group and traveling classes after completion of the basics. This helps you  have a highly reliable dog who will listen even outside of the class environment. The fee’s vary from as little as $175.00 to $5500 depending on how difficult the case and training may be.  Make sure to compare program results and find out about follow up questions or problems. Our programs are guaranteed and if you develop an additional training problem, we can assist you over the phone or in-person.

Why can’t I just take one lesson?
No single lesson or consultation is going to train your dog or provide behavior modification. We believe that a minimum of 3-4 weeks is needed to see some progress with behavior modification and learning and enforcing new training behaviors. Most studies say you need to practice a behavior for 90 days in order to turn it into a reliable habit. In some cases, more time is needed in order to build confidence in the dog and make sure that the family and dog are safe. We work with each owner to provide a comprehensive training program to meet their dog and family’s individual needs.

Why must I practice in different locations?
Most of our clients are looking for control around distractions. In order to train for distractions effectively, your dog will need experience in different environments with noises, people, floor surfaces, etc. Each environment is a new learning experience for your dog.  They need to master the basic commands in the new environment and then slowly add in the distractions to help them become a well mannered, solid dog with their behaviors.

Why do you use a remote collar?
Using a remote training collar to assist with your dog’s training offers a big advantage over other forms of training because it provides a faster and more efficient way to communicate. Proper use of a remote collar is less confrontational, does not require the strength or quickness that traditional leash training does and when used properly the remote collar acts as an invisible leash giving users the ability to have their dog reliably off leash in a very short amount of time.  Remote collars are not the only tool in our tool box, we use a wide variety of tools. Most importantly we teach you how to communicate consistently and effectively with your dog so you can have a happy and well mannered companion and enjoy a long life of fun adventures together.

Is a remote collar safe? Will it hurt my dog or make his behavior worse?
A remote collar is perfectly safe. Contrary to urban myth and legend, remote collars do not burn your dog. The technology used is virtually identical to the TENS Unit used in the human medical profession. Proper care must be taken to only allow the dog to wear the collar 10 or so hours per day. Longer wear than this could cause tissue necrosis, (pressure sores) thus giving rise to the idea that the collars burn. Pressure necrosis can be caused by any snug fitting collar, head halter or harness. Proper use and wear is required. Electronic collars DO NOT generate heat or burn.

A remote collar will not make a dog’s behavior worse. A tool can not do anything on it’s own. It is up to the user to acquire knowledge on how to use it. We spend a lot of time coaching and working with each owner to properly train their dog with any tools chosen. If you decide to train with us, not only will your dog develop much better manners, but you will learn a great deal about how your dog learns, body language that signals you to what the dog is “thinking” and how to react so that you can maintain control as needed and grant liberty and true freedom to your dog when you desire.

What types of payment do you take?
We realize training is an investment and we want to offer clients a variety of payment options. Currently we take cash, checks made out to Advanced Canine Techniques and all major credit cards.