Training Options

Advanced Canine Techniques offers the following training options for clients:

  • 4-Hour Pet First Aid & CPR Class – $45
  • Personalized Phone consultation for 30 minutes with follow up email – $60
  • 6 week Group Classes -$150
  • Consultation Rate – $150 If you’re not sure what you need Bonnie can come and meet with you and your dog in your home  and she can assess your dog and provide the best course of action for the both of you!
  • In-home Training SessionsBonnie thinks in-home training is one of the best options for you and your dog. This allows Bonnie to work with you in your home where the dog is most comfortable. These sessions are great for building a foundation for basic obedience or for addressing behavioral problems such as aggressive or fearful behavior.The in-home sessions package consists of 4 sessions (one 2 hour session followed by 3 one-hour follow ups). At the end of the program you will have a comprehensive plan to meet your obedience and / or behavioral goals.Cost: $600 
    Includes 5-hours of Bonnie training with you and your dog in your home.

Board and Train Options 

We keep the dog at our house and provide multiple training sessions, walks and field trips each day.  Each program is customized to meet your dog’s needs and includes lifetime follow up. Your dog will work with Bonnie and her dogs multiple times a day. A typical day will include morning outdoor time (walks and potty breaks), breakfast, training sessions, treadmill time, crate/rest time, afternoon walk/play session/field trips, dinner, crate/rest time, treadmill time, training sessions, bedtime.

We aim to provide a high-end boutique experience and a lasting relationship between you, your dog, and Bonnie for a lifetime of success.

Your dog will work on their basic obedience here, but our primary focus is creating a happy, calm, independent dog that will fit in your home or anywhere else.

In these 2-4 weeks, your dog will learn many things that make him or her much easier to live with:

  • Walk politely with you (On- and Off-Leash)
  • Sit/Stay (On- and Off-Leash)
  • Down/Stay (On- and Off-Leash)
  • Waiting at Thresholds
  • Place Command (On- and Off-Leash)
  • Recall/Come (On- and Off-Leash)
  • Crate Training
  • Waiting for Food

Serious behavior problems are covered in the 3 and 4 week programs:

  • Aggression
  • Leash Reactivity/Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Poor Socialization
  • Any other problem that you are experiencing at home

At the end of the program, you will be expected to carry out instructions to make sure that you and your dog are successful. A board and train is the beginning of your training experience, not the end. Board and trains should be viewed as a partnership between us, you, and your dog for the life of the dog.

  • Fresh Start (5 Days) $1125 – It’s surprising how much your dog can learn in just 5 days. We’ll get your dog started on all the basics: walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, and other basic commands you’d like your dog to learn. When your dog goes home he’ll know what is expected of him and it’ll be your job to turn his newfound obedience skills into permanent habits.*** Your dog does not qualify if there is any history of aggression towards people or dogs, extreme anxiety, separation anxiety, severe property damage, biting people or dogs, severe crate intolerance, etc. Please inquire about behavior modification board and trains if your dog suffers from any of these issues.
  • Dream Dog (2 Weeks) $2350 – Your dog will learn basic obedience commands and to obey simple house rules that all dog owners appreciate. We add off leash obedience skills to this program and we can focus on minor behavior adjustment training.
  • Complete Companion (3 Weeks) $3375 – Includes everything in the 2 programs above but with extra time to help your dog’s new skills become his default settings. This program has the option of adding a break after the 2nd week; this helps to maximize the training results by letting you practice what your dog has learned at home before bringing him back for a final week of refinement.
  • Marvelous Make-Over (4 weeks) $5500 – Includes everything in the 3 programs above but with extra time to help your dog decompress, learn new skills and develop better habits and routines. This is the ideal program if your dog has lots of anxiety to overcome or has behavior issues that will take time to change.  We will devote time and attention to helping your dog succeed with our behavior change program.

Play and Train Option at Happy Dogs Daycare
Information about that program is below:



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Please bring verification of your dog’s vaccination records to the orientation (Distemper and Rabies are required and we highly recommend the Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination. The bordatella vaccination should be given 10-14 days before training begins for the most effective prevention.

We also recommend owners bring a tasty treat to class with them. Dogs tend to work best when hungry and we can help to shape and reward positive behavior during class. Some examples of treats are Pet Botanics, or Natural Balance or Happy Howies Rolled Dog food cut into small pieces, string cheese, sandwich meat, hot dogs, cooked chicken, cheerios, Zukes, freeze dried meat, bil jac treats, or any treat that is small and moist.

Owners are also recommended to dress appropriately for training (closed toed shoes) and the weather. Some classes will take place outdoors so keep a jacket, gloves and a hat in your vehicle.

AKC STAR PUPPY – This 6 week puppy class is designed to expose young puppies to a variety of positive experiences. There is opportunity to socialize with lots of people, children and other dogs. The pups learn basic manners, housebreaking, stopping their play biting, walking on leash nicely, waiting at open doors, plus laying down and remaining calm. Owners learn about canine body language and how dog’s learn. These skills help dog owners communicate with their dogs so they can develop a lifetime of good habits with their canine companion.

BASIC MANNERS – You will learn how to teach your dog to:  sit, down, come, walk on a loose leash, stay, pay attention to you, to greet people politely rather than jumping on them, leave objects alone and drop items on cue.  Each week is packed with information, giving you the knowledge to train your dog to be a well behaved family member.

ADVANCED MANNERS (Dogs must have previously completed a Basic Manners class).  Some of the skills you will learn include:  Beginning heel by your side, Sit-Stay & Down-Stay with harder distractions and distance, Come, and other items on the CGC evaluation.  The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation will be given on the last night of class for those who wish to have their dog evaluated.

ON-THE-GO   This group class combines superior dog training amongst distractions in the real world with cutting edge technology.  We take field trips as a class to various places in the county including the local retail stores, farmer’s market, cardinal greenway, city parks, state parks, praire creek reservoir and participate in festivals and parades. We will practice what we learned using real-world distractions and show off our dog’s excellent reliable behavior. This class helps students prepare for the CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) certification.

RALLY – We cover all of the fun Rally obedience exercises (Rally can be described as a mixture of some agility exercises with fun obedience stations) preparing the dog team to participate in competitions if so desired. Each week we will learn 4-5 new signs with the last two weeks going through an entire course.

SCENT GAMES   In this class you will learn how to develop your dog’s natural scent detection abilities. Your dog will have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.  You can compete at national events or do it just for fun with the entire family.  The whole family will love playing scent games with your dog.

FUN with AGILITY Owners will learn how to teach their dog to complete basic agility obstacles such as a tunnel, tire & bar jumps, ramp, and more.  Later, dogs and handlers will sequence the obstacles as part of an obstacle course.  The focus of this class is to build a relationship with your dog and a great way to increase your dog’s confidence level.  It’s also a great way to have fun with your dog!

ACCOUNTABILITY CLASS -This class helps keep owners accountable to continue training and improving on their dog’s commands and skills. Also known as a distraction class or polishing class. Owners can come and work on specific behaviors they need help with while other dogs serve as a distraction.

TRICKS  Owners learn new tricks in this class including shake, high five, spin, touch and tap, sit pretty (beg), roll over, say your prayers, speak, jump, crawl, fetch, wipe your paws, paws up, etc.

THERAPY DOG CLASS  Owners will learn all the requirements of the Therapy Dog Test (includes all CGC test items plus the following) leaving food on the ground, reaction to medical equipment and infirmaries, and reaction to children.

STRUCTURED SOCIALIZATION CLASS – Dogs that are reactive to people or other dogs will benefit from this class. It is a very structured class that requires dogs and owners to walk in a controlled manner for a designated period of time. Dogs become calm based on the energy in the room and as they relax, we let them off leash and have the pack mentality help to balance them.  (Owners need to be able to walk for a minimum of one hour in this class).

CONDITIONED RELAXATION – This class will help those dogs that are on the go all the time and can’t calm down and it is excellent for dogs that are nervous, shy, anxious or have a specific trigger (such as thunderstorms, children, men, other dogs, etc). We teach you how to use become calm and relaxed and then to work with your dogs on how to relax various parts of their body and to change their perception of the “scary” trigger. This class is actually good for all dogs of any age. Just learning how to read your dog’s body language and provide the needed communication for them to be calm in unknown environments helps to build a lot of trust and respect between you and your dog.  Kayce Cover developed this technique and I attended a week long workshop to learn how to safely and effectively implement this process.