Dog Treats, Cat Treats, Pet Health and More: Mr. Chewy earns a big score!

I just wanted to share my experience of shopping on-line at Mr. I was particularly interested in the dog antlers since I do not like giving my pets rawhide bones. Antlers are a wonderful chew option for your pets and offer many benefits to you (no smell, long lasting, variety of sizes). I particularly love the variety of antlers available (Deer, Elk, and even Moose) and every size to meet your pet’s needs. All of my dogs preferred the Elk and Moose instead of the deer but I would be interested in reader feedback to see what your dogs like?

I am a dog trainer so I am always looking for dog treats that I can use to reward good behavior and again I was very happy with the selections available; Natural Balance, Natures recipe, Blue, Zukes, Bil Jac, Fromm’s, Stella and Chewy’s, and Sojos just to name a few. These are the perfect sized treats to reward for good behavior, to stuff in a Kong and to add to their dry food as a surprise every once in awhile. I really like purchasing the large Natural Balance rolled dog food and cutting it into small pieces for training treats. My favorite is the lamb and rice since it tends to be gentler on the dog’s tummy. Again, I would love some reader feedback? What treats do you use and why? Does your dog have a particular treat they like?

In addition to the soft treats and chews, they provide a great selection of chew bones from Merrick. I am a big supporter of Merrick bones and treats since they are made in the USA and really meet the needs of my high-energy canine chewers. I love the beef chews but the Texas Taffy, Texas Toothpicks and wishbones are also favorites. Bully Sticks are popular, however, they often have an odor so they are not the best indoor treat.

Mr. Chewy’s offers a great variety of high quality dry pet foods that I appreciate from Taste of the Wild, Blue, Canidae, Wellness, Wysong, Evo, Innova, Natural Balance, California Natural, and Fromm’s to an excellent selection of raw (Instinct with Chicken, venison, lamb, and grain free along with raw food boosts).

One of my favorite aspects of this site is that all products are made in the USA and they list the product information right on the page including product number, brand, and country of origin. This provides me comfort in light of the numerous dog food and dog treat recalls.

They also offer a great assortment of supplements for dental health, skin & coat, hip and joint health. Do you use any supplements for your dog and if so, why? What would you recommend?

Don’t forget about the felines in your family. Mr. Chewy offers a wide variety of canned and dry foods and treats, toys and litter to meet all your needs. In addition to litter they offer a variety of canine clean up bags that are both biodegradable and compostable.

The site offers phenomenal customer service via email or in person. Since I own five dogs I asked about purchasing treats in bulk, but unfortunately it was not something they offered, but he did mention they would consider that in the future. The shipping was very fast and the order double-checked to ensure accuracy. In addition if you order more than $49, shipping is usually free. They value customer feedback and appreciate your product suggestions.

They always have a customer service representative available and you can contact them at 1-800-672-4399 in addition to their on-line service.

Overall I was very impressed and pleased with my experience. The pricing is good for the quality and shipping is included in the price. The food and treats are fresh and the company supports local business. I am thrilled that I found a company that produces high quality products from the USA, provides excellent customer service, believes in saving the environment by offering biodegradable and compostable products and delivers an excellent product. Check out for yourself and please share your experience with me. They promise to deliver pet happiness and I believe they deliver pet and owner happiness one order at a time.

I’d love to hear what products you use that are environmentally friendly or if there are any products you have used and recommend? I purchase a lot of supplies on-line so I appreciate companies that support the environment, the USA and offer quality products for my pets.

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