Have a blast in 2013 with your dog!

I have owned my own dog training business for a year and a half and I have had a blast this year. I truly love owning my own business, helping owners have a better relationship with their pets and having a great relationship with my personal dogs. Just like last year, I have been reflecting on my choices, decision and actions throughout the year.

Overall I helped 219 dogs in 2012 and certified 52 therapy dogs. It has been a GREAT year. I hope to help over 300 dogs in 2013 and certify over 50 dogs again next year.

To recap and share my progress on my personal goals from 2012
Personal Goals:
GOAL – to finish all my scrapbooks. RESULT – finished half of them and have photos in the other books to put on the finishing touches
GOAL – to attend at least one dog training professional development conference. RESULT – I attended 3 and earned my CPDT-KSA
GOAL – to teach at least 6 pet first aid classes. RESULT – I taught 8 classes this year

GOAL – to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. RESULT – I lost 22 pounds and started meeting with a health coach and taking advantage of all the resources available at Ball State.

GOAL – to enjoy and appreciate my friends and family on a daily basis. RESULT -I love being able to talk on the phone, go out to lunch and keep in touch with family and fiends via facebook.

GOAL – to take 1-2 vacations and visit places I have never been before. RESULT – I went to Whitefish Point in the Upper Peninsula and had a wonderful visit with my family. I also loved my time at Arthur Avenue Market and the Ferragosto Festival in the Bronx this summer.

Dog Goals:
GOAL – Sandy: to achieve our TDIAOV-Therapy Dog International Active Outstanding Volunteer (150 therapy dog visits-I need about 30 more) – RESULT – I just sent in our paperwork for that award!!
GOAL – Ranger: Tail Waggin tutor award (100 therapy visits-I need about 70 more).- RESULT – YEA Ranger
GOAL – Sheba-to get her CGC- RESUT -will plan to get in Spring 2013-we have been practicing-now we need to take the test
GOAL – Ginger-to get her CGC –RESULT -will plan to get in Spring 2013-we have been practicing-now we need to take the test
GOAL – Shelby-to get her Therapy Dog Certification and earn her Rally Novice Title.- RESULT – we are at 50% -she got her TDI certification in February and we will work on our Rally Novice title in 2013. I plan on attending the shows in Muncie, Indy and possible Ft. Wayne or Dayton.

I really do think it is valuable to put your goals down in writing so my plans for 2013 include…
Take a good group photo of all my dogs (I got a great one for Thanksgiving in 2012 and I want another one this year).
Teach 10 Pet First Aid Classes
Work with over 300 clients and help people have a better relationship with their pets.
Walk more with my dogs and talk less!
Attend at least 2 professional development conferences (first one planned for March in Oklahoma with National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors)
Pay off all my credit cards…
Earn Sandy’s Rally Novice Title in addition to Shelby
Keep working on my fitness and weight loss goals-I am aiming for 50 pounds in 2013 (specific goals include working out at least 3x per week, walking 10,000 steps each day and eating healthy foods.
Earn Sheba and Ginger’s CGC award
Utilize the tools I learned at the APDT conference, Advanced Remote Collar Training Workshop and Wolf Park and make some changes to my courses and add some new tasks for clients including outdoors scent classes, more distractions and pack walks on a regular basis.
I wrote 7 blogs in 2012 so my goal is 12 blogs in 2013.
See The Book of Mormon in New York City in the summer of 2013.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope the year brings peace, prosperity, and good fortune to all of you. Take time to enjoy your pets and the happiness, love and contentment they provide. Share your resolutions for 2013 with us.