Protecting your Pet in the Summer

Summertime is a great time to be a dog. The days are longer so they can spend time playing fetch, swimming, camping, taking long walks or hikes with their owners, exploring their yard and going on field trips for ice cream and frozen yogurt just to name a few.

But there are also dangers that owners need to be aware of during the summer.

Dogs often play to the point of exhaustion during the summer so make sure you are taking enough breaks and allowing them time to drink and stay cool.  Frozen kongs with water, beef or chicken broth and ice cubes are a fun way to help cool your pet off in the heat.

If your dog enjoys swimming, make sure to use a life jacket in deep or unfamiliar water. If they swim in a pool, make sure they know how to exit the pool.

Insects (fleas, ticks, wasps and spiders) can cause allergic reactions if they bite or sting your pet so make sure to thoroughly inspect your dog each time they come in from outdoors to make sure they don’t have any injuries.

Make sure to supervise your pets when outside. Critters such as racoons, possums, coyotes and other wildlife can also endanger your dog so make sure they don’t encounter and try to pick fights with them.

If you do travel with your dog, make sure they don’t spend too much time in the vehicle when running errands and make sure they don’t stick their head out the window when driving. Rocks and small debris can bounce up and hit their face and eyes so it is safer to leave the windows cracked and the AC on to keep everyone cool.

Share your adventures and/or tips with us that you have found to keep your pet(s) cool and safe in the summer?