Top 10 reasons why dog training is similar to weight loss

  1. Emotions can get you into trouble. (Feeling sorry for your dog and not providing enough leadership and emotional eating for weight loss).
  2. There is no magic pill to make your dog perfect or to make all your weight disappear.It is a journey and you will go through instant success with small changes, hit plateaus and then have to change-up the routine to keep it motivating.
  1. Rewards are awesome-you can show off your dog to family and friends, you get lots of compliments and you can earn titles and certifications for your dog. You also get to shop for new clothes and and it inspires you to keep working.
  2. Both require good fuel-food and treats that are healthy and in moderation.
  3. Reward the baby steps and small successes.
  4. Classes help for structure and accountability (puppy, basic, advanced manners for dog) or weight watchers, Zumba, lessons at the Y for weight loss.   Both also offer private lessons/training for an individualized experience and you can do a board and train for a dog or attend a retreat or kick start camp to help with weight loss.
  5. Family support is needed to be successful and maintain consistency.
  6. Have a plan (how much weight do you want to lose, meal planning, setting realistic goals for exercise). For dogs, set a goal of what behaviors/certifications you want your dog to learn and accomplish.
  7. You need to practice, workout and journal every day. It helps with both activities!
  8. Temptations are hard (distractions, parties with lots of yummy foods, holidays, busy schedules). Use your TRAINING PLAN to be successful!