Spring Cleaning for your Pets

How many of you use March and April to clean out closets, cupboards and drawers? If you are like me, I love to spring clean and declutter and I have to do it every year! It is amazing what I accumulate throughout the year.

This month I encourage you to go through all of your dog’s belongings. Check batteries in all e-collars or GPS collars.  Measure collars, clothing and harness sizes and make sure all equipment that you have still fits. Examine your pet’s leash for breaks and the clasp for proper closure.

Thoroughly wash your dog’s collar and leash. Dirt accumulates on the collar and it is good to clean and disinfect it a few times each year. I recommend keeping an extra leash and collar on hand so you have a back-up when needed. In addition, wash and disinfect all dog beds, blankets and crate pads. Keep what you can use and donate the outgrown or used items to a local rescue, shelter or non-profit.

We also recommend cleaning and disinfecting all of your dog’s toys and giving them a quick once-over. Discard any that are no longer used, broken, or have sharp edges. Clean, wash and disinfect all of your pet’s bowls, as well as the surfaces beneath the food and water bowls and containers. Consider emptying your pet food bin and disinfect it as well. Remember-we recommend keeping your dog food in the bag and putting it in your food bin. That way you can see the expiration date, lot # in case of a recall and it keeps your food fresh and safe.

Purchase containers to organize your treats, training aids, toys and leashes/collars. It is easier to find and use them if they are in bins that are labeled and organized.

This is also a great month to go through your house and yard and puppy proof everything. Make sure you use pet friendly cleaning supplies, fertilizer, yard materials and ice-melt.   Look around your house and garage for any bee or wasp nests.   Take the time to poop scoop your yard and check the security of your fences to make sure there are not any weak or loose spots. Be proactive and take time to learn what type of bushes and trees you have in your yard.

We cover a lot of this material in our Pet First Aid and CPR class so if you are interested in taking that course, please let me know.

Happy cleaning and making your dog’s needs a priority!