Is your dog too fat?

What is your pet’s ideal body weight? That’s a nicer way of saying “your dog is fat”.

Our focus this month is on your pet’s weight and body condition? I know there are a lot of jokes and moaning about people gaining the “Quarantine 15” but there are probably many pets that also need to lose weight.

If our pets need to lose weight, we need to take responsibility for that. Unless your dog feeds itself, we are the ones filling their food bowls every day. (Now for those of you that have dogs that do eat anything and everything off the counter, that is a training issue and we can help with that)!

Take a look at the website below and use some of the scales on your pet. You would be amazed at how just a few extra pounds can impact your pet’s health.

Now that summer is approaching and you start exercising with your dog and spending more time outdoors, it is important to set up a safe weight loss plan. This may include cutting back on food, feeding less treats or adding in some fruits and vegetables to their diet. You may also need to keep the dog’s away from the people food and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. We recommend you start slow with exercise.

Please work with your vet on the number of calories your pet should be consuming and a target date to reach your pet’s goal weight. Some vets may also recommend supplements to help your pet reach their best body condition. Try to find an excellent quality kibble or raw fed diet that works for you and your budget. Remember that the quality food they eat will help with their energy, mental awareness, physical stamina and overall health.

Don’t be offended if your vet, trainer, groomer or dog walker mentions that your pet may have put on a few pounds. We just want your dog to be happy and healthy. Just like people, if your dog is carrying extra weight, it can affect their organs, lead to arthritis and affect their behavior.

Change is hard, for people and pets; BUT, if you and your pet set some (SMART) goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely goals, you will have a recipe for success.

A great resource in Muncie is Roos’s Holistic pet supply. If you have a chance, stop by their store. All of the employees are very knowledgeable, and they would love to meet your dog and give you some great options for pet foods, treats, toys and supplements.

Incentives are powerful motivators for people and anytime you reach a goal, you should celebrate. Set small goals so you have a high chance of success.  When your pet reaches a certain weight loss goal, buy them a new toy or take them to the park for a walk (while maintaining a safe social distance from others).

We would love to hear your goals and your progress. Please keep us posted.