Does your dog have impulse control?

Trainers talk about impulse control a lot. We recommend having dogs wait at thresh-holds, wait before you throw a toy, wait before you let them eat, wait while you clean something up, etc.

There is a reason we recommend doing this with your dogs. Good impulse control means your dog is thinking before reacting. They are not just grabbing food, running out the door or breaking a command. They have learned to slow down, think and process what you are asking them.

Dogs with poor impulse control are more likely to get loose through an open door, steal food off tables or counters, break commands with distractions and it is hard to trust them.

Teaching your dog some good foundation skills are invaluable. Start with having them wait before letting them out of the crate. Have them wait before going through ANY doorway. Have them wait before letting them eat. Have them wait if you drop something on the floor. Teach them to stay in one spot with distractions.

You will work up to each of these skills slowly but teaching these foundation concepts will allow you to enjoy your dog even more.

My September challenge to all of you is to work on 1-2 areas of impulse control and let me know how you do. If you need help, contact us to get you started on the right PAW!