There is a lot of horse training advice that also applies to dog training. A few quotes come to mind.

Slow is fast and fast is slow.

Hold the leash gently.


Practice, practice, practice

“Some horses will test you, some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you”!

Meaning, don’t rush the process. When you take your time to master the skills and then help teach your dog what the skills are, that development builds the relationship between you and the dog.

Look at each behavior issue or teaching an obedience command as a goal you need to accomplish as a team. Help your dog understand the rules and how to enforce them (FIRMLY BUT GENTLY).

Many times, it may require utilizing a different training aid, making sure the dog is motivated and approving or correcting if they don’t get it right. Both animals are looking for leadership.

Talking less, using hand signal, remaining calm and breathing slowly will also help increase the confidence in YOU and YOUR DOG.

Buck Branaham is an amazing horse trainer (some would call him a horse whisperer). He just wants people to enjoy their dogs (just like horses) and utilize their mind, calm energy and skill to have them follow you.

I am a huge advocate of leash pressure. You can’t pull or push a 1200-2000  pound farm animal so your presence, attitude and energy will determine whether the animal wants to be with you.

Take the time to really listen, watch and study your dog’s behavior. The more you can anticipate and   provide the guidance and direction they need, the quicker trust and fulfillment will begin.

Try these tips and report back to us!