2023 in Review

Our 2023 Year in Review

We’ve been blessed to work with so many fabulous owners and their dogs this year.

Nothing gives me more joy than helping owners connect with their dog and set and achieve goals they had for their dog.

And also to watch owners take the time and care to learn and manage their dog for safety. I am very much pro any training aid that keeps owners and the public safe.

When I look at the totals throughout the year, we trained a lot of dogs (and their owners). Here’s hoping 2024 is even better.

A little recap of 2023…

  • 48 – Number of dogs certified through Therapy Dog International
  • 31 – Number of dogs who earned their Canine Good Citizen
  • 13 – Number of dogs who earned their Canine Good Citizen Advanced
  • 6 – Number of dogs who earned their Canine Good Citizen Urban
  • 10 – Number of dogs who earned a trick title
  • 22 – Number of Board and Train Dogs
  • 57 – Number of people certified through Pet Tech First Aid & CPR
  • 75 – Number of classes taught this year
  • 5 -Animal Behavior College students that I have mentored

A few things I learned… The benefits of chiropractic for your dogs, the benefits of nutrition (goat’s milk, sardines, proteins, coconut oil, fruit and vegetables added to kibble has huge benefits), and that colostrum is a great resource for dogs that are stressed and have liquid poop. For example, I give Rusty and Basil goats milk each morning and ultra oil each night with their kibble. A few times a week they get sardines and coconut oil and a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Rusty has lost 13 pounds!

I also learned that technology may affect dogs’ behavior. The high frequencies that some of the new appliances and hearing aids emit can cause fear and discomfort in some dogs.  If your dog suddenly starts acting weird in the house, do a quick check on any new appliances or medical devices for anyone in the house. You can purchase a reader to make sure the frequencies operate  within normal range and if they are not, you can unplug them and find a unit that doesn’t affect your dog.

We love learning and I plan to attend and/or participate in (4) professional development opportunities in 2024.

We are doing 3 online classes and attending the International Association of Canine Professionals Conference in Texas in September.

We are taking an animal aromatherapy class with on-going certification, a class on helping fearful and reactive dogs and completing  the Relationship Based Behavior Modification/Relationship Based Training (RBBM/RBT) course.

 In addition, we will be on-boarding and starting a new software in early February that will collaborate with our website so everything can be done online and help to streamline communication, class sign up, invoices, etc. I am so excited. Last but not least, I have already started cleaning, organizing, purging and donating each room in the house. Say a prayer for my husbandJ

We’ve been blessed to have a fabulous 2023 and can’t wait to learn more, do more, teach more and just be more in 2024. Here’s to setting and achieving goals, learning new skills, meeting new clients and having a fabulous 50th birthday!