Benefits of a Board and Train Program

Benefits of a Board and Train Program

Are you frustrated with your dog’s behavior? Having trouble with polite household manners or more serious behavior problems? Sometimes a board and train program may be the best option for you. Many times, an evaluation is needed, so we can assess what tools and methods will work best for your dog. The goal is to increase the dog and the owner’s happiness as much as possible in the time we spend with them. We use our skills and judgement as a trainer to make these decisions. Depending on the situation, trainers may use flat collars, slip leads, martingale collars, pinch collars, electronic collars, treadmills, head halters and more.

Other times it is much easier, and you are planning a trip and want to have your dog trained while you are on vacation. Fall Break, Spring Break, Holidays, Vacations and Home Renovations are excellent times to schedule a board and train.

If you are wondering what a typical day will look like while your dog is training, a sample schedule is below.

Wake up
Walk (individually or with other dogs)
Multiple one-on-one training sessions
Socialize with other dogs
Walk (individually or with other dogs)
Rest and sleep for the night

Most in-home board and trains only keep 3-4 dogs at a time to make sure each one gets a very personalized experience.

Your dog will be training on and off-site during their stay. ​Given the amount of time and personalization each dog receives, board and trains are expensive, but the truth is that you get what you pay for. And in most cases, trainers offer follow up lessons, classes and encourage owners to keep in touch and will work with you in the event of a life change. Many trainers send pictures and video updates daily so you can see what your dog is learning each day.

We are excited to be able to start offering board and train options at our facility. Our programs are listed below. Please contact us to set up an evaluation so we can turn your excitably Eddie into an extraordinary Eddie!

Fresh Start (5 Days) $1125
It’s surprising how much your dog can learn in just 5 days. We’ll get your dog started on all the basics: walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, and other basic commands you’d like your dog to learn. When your dog goes home he’ll know what is expected of him and it’ll be your job to turn his newfound obedience skills into permanent habits.

Dream Dog (2 Weeks) $2350
Your dog will learn basic obedience commands and to obey simple house rules that all dog owners appreciate. We add off leash obedience skills to this program and we can focus on minor behavior adjustment training.

Complete Companion (3 Weeks) $3375
Includes everything in the 2 programs above but with extra time to help your dog’s new skills become his default settings. This program has the option of adding a break after the 2nd week; this helps to maximize the training results by letting you practice what your dog has learned at home before bringing him back for a final week of refinement.

Marvelous Make-Over (4 weeks) $5500
Includes everything in the 3 programs above but with extra time to help your dog decompress, learn new skills and develop better habits and routines. This is the ideal program if your dog has lots of anxiety to overcome or has behavior issues that will take time to change.  We will devote time and attention to helping your dog succeed with our behavior change program.

Programs range from 1-4 weeks, with shorter stays being designed for dogs with minimal or no behavior problems, and longer programs intended for dogs with more serious issues. Your dog will work on their basic obedience here, but our primary focus is creating a happy, calm, independent dog that will fit in your home or anywhere else.

At the end of the program, you will be expected to carry out instructions to make sure that you and your dog are successful. A board and train is the beginning of your training experience, not the end. Board and trains should be viewed as a partnership between us, you, and your dog for the life of the dog. We offer follow up private lessons and opportunities to participate in group classes as part of your program. We encourage you to keep in touch with us and we love to get updates and feedback from all of our clients.