Tips for Taking Great Dog Photos

Tips For Taking Great Dog Photos

If you are like me, you LOVE to take photos of your dog. But how many of them are blurry, out of focus or just don’t look good once you are able to review them?

This is a simple little blog that gives you tips to help get take great photos of your dogs. We would love to see these tips in actions so send us those doggie photos!!!

  • Let your dog get used to the camera. Take photos of furniture, the car, the house, etc, so they aren’t distracted when you try to take a picture of THEM.
  • Take lots of photos! When I do group shots of classes, I probably take between 20-30 photos and then look at each one to get as many ppl and dogs as possible looking at me.
  • Use funny noisemakers to get them to look at you.
  • Hold a treat on top of your phone so the dog is looking at you when you take the photo.
  • ZOOM IN! The closer you are, the better the photo will look. We don’t want to see all that background – we want to see your dog.
  • Enlist the  help of a friend. Sometimes having a second person to hold a treat or get their attention helps snap that perfect picture.
  • Teach your dog the place command so you can be on their level OR get on their level. Kneel down, sit in a chair or lay on the ground to capture that perfect shot.

If you are outdoors, every season is great for photos so take advantage of nature (fall leaves, white snow, spring flowers or lakes and green grass in the summer). The more you practice the better you will get with capturing those memories with your best friend.

The most important tip is to HAVE FUN! Don’t get frustrated. Posing for photos is hard work so have fun, be playful, reward their attempts and BE PATIENT!