Try Something New with Your Dog

There is a famous quote by Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The same thing applies to dog training and living with your dog, especially if what you did with your first dog doesn’t work with your second dog.  Or if your dog’s behavior has changed, you may need to make some personal changes to help your dog succeed.

Every dog is different. They all learn differently. They may have different physical and mental requirements. They come with a variety of temperaments (shy, outgoing, reserved or life of the party).

I think too many owners get stuck on their emotions and give their dogs too much love, attention, toys and treats but don’t provide enough structure and consequences for their dogs. They also worry too much about what other people will think if they correct their dog or use a certain training aid.

All behaviors have consequences, good and bad. It is important to provide clarity to your dog and be fair with rewards and corrections. They need to be immediate, meaningful and objective. Don’t bring emotions into the corrections. It is OK to correct your dog, as long as it is fair and timely.

Don’t be afraid to try a new training technique or a new training aid to help your dog be successful. Don’t be so worried about hurting your dog’s feelings that you keep allowing them to get away with rude behavior. Don’t be mad when someone calls you out for allowing your dog to be naughty or sassy.

The truth hurts, but sometimes it is the best way to force you to make some changes.

Many times, once you implement some new rules, structure and consequences, you will find a better behaved, calmer and more relaxed dog.

I challenge you to try something new with your dog this month!