Multitasking Misery

Multitasking is the buzz word you hear everyday. We are all trying to accomplish more tasks in the shortest amount of time. I am as guilty as the rest when…
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Summer Safety for your Pet

The weather in central Indiana has been extremely hot and humid this past week. Given the extreme temperatures, it is a good time to remind all pet owners to take…
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Reflections and Resolutions for 2012

As the end of 2011 comes to a close, it is time to reflect on your experiences (both positive and negative throughout the year). As we reflect on our experiences,…
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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

As I was working on a holiday safety tip blog, I was researching information and came across this article from Drs Foster and Smith. This piece is extremely detailed and…
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Durable Dog Training Toys

I have recently acquired another dog in my home. For the record I have Sandy, an 8 –yr old lab mix, Ranger, an 8-yr old Golden Retriever, Sheba, a 5-yr…
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