Cold Weather Safety Tips For your Dog

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Your Dog There are some helpful tips that can make your pets more comfortable in the winter. Musher’s Secret or Bag Balm help to soften…
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Goal Setting for You and Your Dog

SMART Goals for You and Your Dog What goals do you have with your dog(s) in 2019? I have found that the best way to hold yourself accountable is to…
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Will Your Dog Follow You?

This is a really good question that you can put into practice. If you are walking in your backyard or park with your dog on a long lead, do they…
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Protecting your Pet in the Summer

Summertime is a great time to be a dog. The days are longer so they can spend time playing fetch, swimming, camping, taking long walks or hikes with their owners,…
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What’s in my training bag?

Whenever I travel for a training class or I head out for a private lesson there are a few items I always carry with me. I order most of my…
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The same thing happens every night

How many of you get frustrated with your dog(s) for doing the same annoying behavior every night? For example, running out the front door, not coming when called, jumping up…
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